For years, men have been told that it's not okay to cry. I'm sure some of you comments section warriors agree with this sentiment. I mean why cry when you can roast your favorite HNHH writer instead? Ultimately, crying has been seen as something that isn't "manly." Emotions should be suppressed and kept to yourself. Over the past few years, this philosophy has been tossed to the side, at least to some degree. Especially in the sports world, we see more and more athletes showing their emotions and breaking down after big wins or losses.

In a recent report by Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated, athletes spoke about showcasing their emotions and how they feel the need to do so these days, especially in light of Kobe Bryant's passing. LeBron James was spoken to for this story and he offered some interesting insight on why it's okay for a man to shed some tears every now and then.

LeBron James

Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

“Men should be emotional when something hits your heart,” James said. “When something feels a certain way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be emotional about it. The emotion comes from, especially in this instance, somebody who has paved the way and done so many great things in our sport.”

With LeBron's comments in mind, we can certainly learn a thing or two from the NBA superstar. If you're feeling emotional, let it out because if you suppress everything, it's just going to come pouring out later.