While LeBron James is often characterized as a player coach for the unreasonable influence he exerts on and off the court, it sounds like we will not be seeing him on the sidelines in a suit and tie after his eventual retirement. Before shootaround a yesterday tilt against the Phoenix Suns, a reporter asked LeBron about becoming a coach. His answer was as unequivocal as you can get.

His main reason is that he doesn’t “have the patience,” which is understandable for a guy with a nearly-photographic memory of the game. Recall those memes of LeBron relentlessly berating a sheepish Mario Chalmers? How about the one of LeBron sucking the joy out of Kevin Love after a made basket? There’s plenty of evidence he wouldn’t make a good coach, despite all the hilarious memes of David Blatt standing uselessly behind LeBron.

Even if LeBron won’t coach after retirement, he won’t disappear from our lives. He’s already invested in a number ofTV shows, and has said more than once that he would like to own an NBA team at some point. Sounds like another guy who once played in the NBA.