LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have as good of a chance as anyone to win the NBA title in Orlando. Numerous teams are on their way to the bubble city, with some players already hunkered down in their hotel. It's about to be a grueling experience for everyone involved, although it's a necessary evil in order to continue the season.

While most teams have already arrived, today was the day the Lakers got to travel to their new home for potentially four months. With this in mind, LeBron had to say goodbye to his wife and kids, who he probably won't get to see for a while. It's a sad state of affairs and evidently, it wasn't easy for James to have to leave his home. In fact, he compared the situation to having to leave for a stint in prison.

"Just left the crib to head to the bubble. Shit felt like I’m headed to do a bid man! Fr. Hated to leave the #JamesGang," LeBron wrote.

This is surely going to be a reality that many players will have to overcome, especially if they have families. The isolation is never good for your mental health, and hopefully, the league will provide ways for the players to keep in contact with their loved ones. Perhaps they may even ease the restrictions as the league delves deep into the playoffs.