One year ago today, Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Louisville. Her story went under the radar for a few months although that all changed following the death of George Floyd in May. When people began to catch wind of what happened to her, Breonna Taylor's name captured National headlines and her death ultimately sparked a social justice movement that eventually went International. Many are still seeking justice for Taylor, and over a year later, activists are still looking for ways to honor her and change the justice system to make cops more accountable.

LeBron James was one of the biggest voices when it came to those demanding justice, and on the one-year anniversary of her death, LeBron is making sure that Breonna Taylor is remembered.

"Continue to Rest In Paradise Queen Breonna," James wrote. This tweet was in response to another post by James' own More Than A Vote organization, which was instrumental in giving voting rights to those who are the most marginalized. LeBron has increased his stake in the political world over the years, and he certainly has a voice to make a difference.

Taylor's story is one that continues to be jarring although the activism that spawned from it all has already made a huge difference. Hopefully, activists continue to pressure elected officials and create a better world that is safer and more inclusive for all.

LeBron James
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images