LeBron James bested Dwyane Wade in their final showdown (assuming we don't get a Lakers vs Heat championship!) at Staples Center last night, as the Lakers picked up a 108-105 victory. The two entered last night's contest with their head-to-head record knotted at 15-15. 

After the game, D-Wade thanked LeBron for letting their final showdown play out at Staples Center in Los Angeles. LeBron's response caused quite a commotion, especially with Knicks fans.

"It was either here or The Garden. That's it."

According to Michael J. Duarte of NBC Los Angeles, LeBron later noted that he was referring to the fact that no other venue - Staples or MSG - could have held their epic final showdown.

So rest easy, Knicks fans. LeBron was never coming to NY.

James finished with 28 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds. He also locked up Wade on the final possession to secure the win.

"He knew my move at the end that stopped me from getting to my shot," Wade said, per ESPN. "That's how well we know each other, man. Just two competitors who enjoy the game of basketball, who love each other and love competing. So I'm glad that in my 16 years that we were on the court together, we was in this game, we've made a big impact on and off the court."

The Lakers improved to 17-10 with Monday night's "W" and have now won seven of their last 10 games as they head to Houston for a TNT matchup against the Rockets on Thursday. The Heat, 11-15, will continue their road trip in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.