As many NBA fans already know, the NBA had a very interesting week as the Milwaukee Bucks began a strike. Eventually, this turned into a three-day delay for all NBA games and on Saturday, everything resumed as normal. There have been various reports coming out about those three days with some saying that LeBron and the Lakers voted to cancel the season before changing their minds on Thursday.

Last night, LeBron and the purple and gold were back in action as the team took on the Portland Trail Blazers. LeBron scored 36 points in the win and now, the Lakers are moving on to the second round. Following the game, LeBron admitted that there was doubt surrounding whether or not the league would return.

Per LeBron:

“Yeah, there was some doubt. But when you’re able to put that you feel that’s very important, that can change the landscape of what’s going on right now, both on and off the floor, then you can have more clarity. Myself having more clarity, and every other player in the league having more clarity on us going forward with the initiatives that were put together over the last couple of days.”

Today, the games continue with the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics opening up second-round action.