LeBron James has always made it a point to praise his children whenever they do something new and/or noteworthy. LeBron understands more than anyone just how important it is to have a male role model in your life, and he has always made sure to be there for his kids, whenever they need him. The encouragement he constantly provides has allowed his kids to be extremely successful in their endeavors, and it's clear they have no plans to slow down, anytime soon.

Today, LeBron's middle child Bryce Maximus turned 14 years old, and to celebrate, LeBron took to Instagram where he wrote a nice little paragraph paying homage to his son. As you can clearly see, LeBron has a lot of pride when it comes to his kids. 

"A star amongst them," LeBron wrote. "Happy 14th Bday to my Young King Bryce Maximus!! Man o man time is flying and I’m proud to be along for the ride and journey you’ve been on kid!! Continue to strive for GREATNESS! The sky isn’t the limit, go beyond it! Love you kid!"

Bryce has proven to be a solid basketball player and as he approaches high school age, he could very well find himself playing alongside his older brother Bronny. Regardless of what Bryce chooses to do, he will always have LeBron to help guide him down that path of success.

LeBron & Bryce