LeBron James' legacy in the NBA is already pretty well cemented but just like Michael Jordan, LeBron wants to be an owner. Of course, Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets and has been in that role since 2010. In a recent interview, James explained how he would like to own a team one day and when asked about said interview at the All-Star Game this past weekend, LeBron reinforced his aspirations of someday owning a team.

"I was asked a question and, um, I answered it how I felt at that point in time," James said according to ESPN. "I believe if I wanted to, I could own a team or be part of a basketball team. I know I got so much knowledge of the game that I don't want to, once I stop playing, I just [do not] want to get away from the game.

As reported by ESPN, James has an estimated net worth of over $450 million which is much less than $1.9 billion: the average value of an NBA team. Although, by the end of his career, LeBron could very well be close to having enough money for a team. As for who he'd like to own, LeBron had this to say:

"It would have to be the right fit. It'd have to be the right city. It'd have to be the right situation. It's not like it's a dream of mine. It's more of an aspiration. See if it happens. If it don't, I won't be disappointed in anything I've done off the floor. We'll see what happens."

For now, LeBron will have to help his struggling Lakers squad get to the playoffs as they sit three games back of a playoff spot.