Lebron James has now passed Michael Jordan for consecutive double digit point totals, in his 867th straight game. Lebron's ageless performance in the 2018 season has really catapulted him in the discussion of filing for GOAT status, his closest competition in that regard, the Jordan namesake.

To make matters more impressive he reached the achievement at the halfway point of the first quarter while other players were still putting their first numbers on the board. The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to dispatch the New Orleans Pelicans, a team which has benefitted from a resurgence of oft-forgotten vets such as Rajon Rondo and Emeka Okafor.

Lebron James took his accomplishment in stride, disabling the GOAT comparisons for another day. His hope is that young players can create their own benchmark, and rise above it. 

"You know, where I've come from, brought up 30 minutes south of here, and the statistics is always stacked up against you, and for me to be in this position today, being able to accomplish something that a lot of people thought would not happen again or be able to break a record like that. It means a lot for me, and it means more to the youth that kind of needs hope."

Many of Michael Jordan's records seemed unattainable, as often the case with mere mortals, they come falling down. Lebron is his own biggest fan, regardless of where you stand on the list.