With the NBA regular season coming to a close, it's a well-known fact that the New York Knicks will most likely finish up as the worst team in the league. On Sunday, the Knicks hosted LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. A few months ago, it would have been a write-off of a game considering the Lakers were in the top half of the Western Conference. Now though, the Lakers are well out of a playoff spot and LeBron James looks like he's checked out. 

During Sunday's game, the Knicks held a 124-123 lead with just a few seconds left. James was given the ball and drove to the basket for a quick two points. As he shot the ball, he was promptly blocked by Mario Hezonja which ended the game and gave the Knicks the win. Afterward, LeBron spoke about the loss.

"It bothers me in the fact we didn't close the game out, and being the competitor that I am, it bothers me that I didn't make enough plays down the stretch; it bothers me that I didn't even get a shot up at the hoop," James said according to ESPN. "Of course that stuff bothers me, but I mean what's the difference between their record and our record? Two teams out of the postseason. So there's no difference. We have a couple more wins than them, but both teams right now are on the outside looking in, so it's not much of a difference."

The Lakers are now 11th in the Western Conference with a record of 31-39.