LeBron James and Zion Williamson are fairly far apart in terms of age. LeBron recently turned 35 years old while Zion is still a teenager who is finding his way in the NBA. Last night, LeBron and Zion finally got to face off for the very first time and fans were excited to see how it would all play out. In the end, both players gave us a classic matchup that features a whole lot of action. James finished the game with 40 points while Zion scored 29. While both players showed out offensively, it was LeBron's Lakers who came away with a 118-109 victory.

In the clips below, you can see some of the best highlights from both players. At one point, James purposely went for the ISO on Zion and dropped a three-point shot in his face. Needless to say, LeBron wanted to show the young kid a lesson.

Fans were clearly excited on social media throughout the game as it was a back and forth affair. While Zion still has a lot to learn, there is no denying just how dominant he can be. Twenty-nine points against the Los Angeles Lakers is no small task and he made it look easy. As for LeBron, he's still one of the best in the world in year 17.

Check out some of the reactions to the game, below.