Lebron James responded to a reporter who asked him about his feelings on the story of Lakers' fans erecting billboards in an attempt to lure him to Los Angeles in the offseason. His response was as stoic as you'd expect from a responsible person committed to his or her contract. He shared pleasantries, expressed flattery, and moved onto the next subject.

The 76ers fanbase also took out ads to express interest. They articulated their recruitment rather succinctly .They claimed Lebron would complete "The Process," that their youth movement was second to none. Maybe their fans haven't considered how Lebron's skill set is redundant to that of their own young pivot Ben Simmons. Maybe just maybe they can coexist. Maybe the Sixers' rim protection will allow Lebron to play on the wing again, where his playmaking skills are more effective. 

The question of signing also comes down whether these owners are willing to assuage their fan bases, when deep down there is a sentiment that the Warriors are too strong to give anything up in their 5 year championship window. 

When the time comes, Lebron will handle his business as he has in the past, in the shadows.

With respect to available cap space, where do you see Lebron James taking his talents? Does he resign in Cleveland? I've spoken my piece.