LeBron James, Lindsey Vonn, Cindy Crawford and Arnold Schwarzenegger have joined forces to start a health and wellness company called Ladder.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ladder will initially offer four core products, including two protein powders, a greens powder and an energy powder. Ladder's products, which might soon include snack foods, will be sold directly to consumers as subscriptions on weareladder.com.

While Ladder has only just launched, the company's origins reportedly date back to LeBron's infamous cramping incident during the 2014 NBA Finals when he was still a member of the Miami Heat. His trainer then created a bespoke supplement for athletes that not only helps the four-time MVP to be stronger and healthier during the offseason, but is also safe and effective.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Men's Health:

“He [LeBron] explained to me that the whole idea behind it was that he cannot afford to be tested and not pass a drug test,” Schwarzenegger said. “I found that fascinating, because that was always my complaint about the (protein) products, that they don’t know what is in this. You know that, ‘OK, this is protein or this is whey protein or this is milk protein or this is egg protein. You know that, but you don’t know exactly what is in it.”

Men's Health reports that Ladder's consumers will first go to the company website and fill out a questionnaire. Afterward, the company will deliver packages of their products tuned to your specific needs and body type.