LeBron James will most likely go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all-time. Over the next few years, we will get to see whether or not James wins a few more titles and further cements his legacy as one of the best players to ever step onto the basketball court. Even if you don't like LeBron, you can't deny just how good he is and how much he means to the game of basketball.

LeBron's two sons, Bronny and Bryce, are dope basketball players in their own right and are currently playing for school teams. Bryce is in middle school while Bronny is a freshman in high school. Overall, they have a ton of potential and recently, the two were featured in a video with LeBron that shows off their lobbing ability. In fact, LeBron is calling them the Big 3 and even refers to them as "Lob Gang."

It remains to be seen what Bronny and Bryce are able to do with their young careers. There is no denying they have a great role model behind them who can coach them every step of the way. LeBron has made it apparent that there is no pressure on his sons to succeed in basketball and that he just wants them to carve out their own unique legacies.

Hopefully, we get to see Bronny and Bryce excel for years to come.