NASCAR has always been one of those sports with a cloud of stereotypes hanging over it. Of course, the sport was born in the south which doesn't have the best record on race relations. As a result, there have been very few black drivers despite NASCAR's best efforts to change that. In an attempt to distance themselves from negative stereotypes, NASCAR has implemented diversity programs that have led to more black employees and even some African-American drivers climbing up their ranks.

Bubba Wallace was a part of NASCAR's drive for diversity program and now, he is racing for Richard Petty who is a legend of the sport. Following the murder of George Floyd, Wallace sought to make a statement and unveiled a "Black Lives Matter" paint scheme before his race at Martinsville on Wednesday night. In fact, this scheme had many athletes impressed, including LeBron James and Alvin Kamara who shouted Bubba out on social media. Kamara eventually watched the whole race because he was so excited about Wallace's statement.

Prior to the Martinsville race, Wallace urged NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from its races and that's exactly what they did. It was yet another example of NASCAR trying to distance itself from negative stereotypes of the past and they received quite a bit of praise for it.

As for the race itself, Wallace had himself an amazing drive as he finished 11th out of the 40 cars in the field. Richard Petty Motorsports doesn't typically have the best equipment so finishing 11th was quite the accomplishment and many drivers praised Wallace's ride, following the race.