Following a loss to the Brooklyn Nets earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Lakers were looking to come back strong against the Miami Heat on Saturday night. Of course, without Anthony Davis in the lineup, the Lakers have struggled, and this trend held true as the purple and gold lost again, by a score of 96-94. The team's offense has been anemic without Davis, and at this point, they are doing everything they can to potentially get a spark.

The Lakers officially lost the game last night after a last-second play in which LeBron James passed the ball off to Alex Caruso, who bricked his shot to tie the game. Caruso immediately put his hands over his head in frustration, and the Lakers lost the match.

This result was compounded by the fact that Twitter went off as soon as they saw Caruso get the last shot. While Caruso is a fan-favorite, it's clear that he isn't necessarily the guy suited to taking those big shots. Many fans felt like LeBron should have tried to go for it, even if he was being double-teamed at the time.

All of this led to a lot of memes and some light roasting. Lakers fans couldn't believe their misfortunate, all while the haters took the result in stride. It was the perfect moment for Twitter to get behind, and you can see all of the reactions, below.