LeBron James has been filled with criticisms of the young Los Angeles Lakers squad this season. The team is ranked 11th in the Western Conference with a record of 29-31 and it looks as though they're at a huge risk of missing the playoffs. James recently said his playoff mode has been "activated" and that his players need to stop playing distracted because if that's the case, maybe the Lakers isn't a good team for them to be on. Some harsh words indeed, although some analysts believe James has to put some blame on his shoulders as well.

Bleacher Report spoke to Pete Zayas of Laker Film Room who explained how LeBron just hasn't been adequate on defense.

"LeBron rarely exerts himself beyond a casual job in transition defense and disregards spot-up shooters in most half-court situations, leaving them wide open," Zayas said. "His defensive game these days resembles a disinterested center rather than the high-end wing defender that he once was."

Another Laker Film Room analyst was asked about LeBron, with them ultimately saying the same thing.

"He's been doing that all year," the analyst explained. "He's been [coasting on defense] for a few years now."

The Lakers are three games out of a playoff spot with 22 games left in the season.