Immediately after the Cavs' loss last night, and right before LeBron James held his post-game press conference in which he called out a reporter, he got into it with a heckling fan who was talking shit because LeBron only scored 11 points.

According to reports, LeBron was about to walk into the interview room when the fan finally got his attention. LeBron turned around and asked the fan what he said, and the dude repeated the line about just scoring 11 points. James then walked toward the fan and asked him what he has ever done.

The fan's response: "I played at Hiram College," a private liberal arts Division 3 school in Hiram, Ohio. Security guards intervened and escorted the fan away from James while he continued to shout his D3 stats.

Unfortunately, there's no footage of said Cavs fan proudly rattling off his college hoops stats to the 3x NBA champ.