Lea Michele has been a trending topic all week after her former Glee co-stars have accused her of treating the show's extras, specifically people of color, like trash. 

The lead actress in the series was initially called out after her support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Remember when you made my first television gig a living hell?!?! Cause I'll never forget," wrote Samantha Ware, a black actress, in response. "I believe you told everyone that if you had the opportunity you would 's--- in my wig!' amongst other traumatic microaggressions that made me question a career in Hollywood."

Samantha Ware was not alone in exposing Lea Michele's alleged despicable behavior on set. It was also addressed by her co-stars Amber Riley and Heather Morris.

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Now, another black talent that worked with her on the show's sixth season is speaking out about her treatment of POCs on set.

"I've never really seen anyone treat extras like that, to that level of, 'Ugh, don't look at me, don't make eye contact, ugh cockroaches, there they are,'" said Imia Edwards. 

She went on to detail an experience she had with the actress when she belched directly in her face.

"She walked by me and burped in my face, this loud burp, directly almost face-to-face, it wasn't even like, 'oh she wouldn't have known...' she knew she burped in my face," adds Edwards. "I don't really like to pull that card [but] if she is racist then she should be called out."

Lea Michele previously responded to Samantha Ware's comments. She is yet to respond to this new batch.

Lea Michele
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