Last month, New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell was robbed of more than $500,000 in jewelry by "his two girlfriends" whom he reportedly left naked in his bed. TMZ Sports recently obtained audio of Bell's 911 call from May 25, in which he can be heard describing how the ladies made off with his jewelry, clothes and shoes.

"When I left, [one of the women] was in the bed," Bell said on the 911 call ... "She was in the bed, not wearing clothes when I left. So, I didn't see her. You know what I'm saying."

And the other lady ... "She was in the bed too. They didn't have clothes on."

In total, Bell estimates that the women stole nearly $1 million worth of valuables, including a diamond Black Panther pendant, two diamond encrusted gold chains and a Rolex watch. According to TMZ, it is not known if Bell has been able to get his stuff back, or if the suspects have been caught. The investigation is reportedly still ongoing.

You can listen to Bell's 911 call in the video embedded below.