To nobody's surprise, Layzie Bone's new song "Let Me Go Migo" was at the head of our Top Tracks list this week. It was a major talking point the entire week as beef proved to still be a prevalent way to boost streams. Layzie has enjoyed a historic career with Bone Thugs and the track helped gain him some recognition among a younger audience that may not have been familiar with his previous work. Some hated the song and others believe 21 and Migos had it coming. Despite 21 Savage and BlocBoy JB saying that the diss record was "wack," the OG is celebrating its success as the top trending song on SoundCloud.

Whenever somebody releases a diss track, you better believe the numbers will spike. That's exactly what happened when Layzie Bone came through with "Let Me Go Migo," a record aimed at 21 Savage and the Migos. After noticing that the song was running up some numbers on SoundCloud, Layzie Bone decided to celebrate on Instagram, telling his fans that he's feeling good about it all. "I been the underdog. Not today though," wrote the artist before recognizing the accomplishment he started the New Year off with.

In case you missed it, Layzie Bone also shared a photo of himself with the Migos from last year, convincing people that he's not just an old hater. What did you think of the track?