Layton Greene Dissects "I Choose" Lyrics & Tells Her Story On "Between The Lines"

Alex Zidel
October 10, 2019 12:01

Layton Greene goes "Between The Lines" for her popular song "I Choose."

Layton Greene is always going to hold herself to a high standard. Over the years, she's fallen in love with herself and is fully aware of her true value. She knows that she deserves a man that's going to hold her down. She also knows that she's got a lot to offer in a relationship. Now that she's a successful recording artist, signing to Quality Control and becoming one of their premier R&B talents right off the bat, she's letting any potential romantic suitors know that she's not about to lower her standards for them. She may be patient, but she's expecting you to come through. Breaking down the lyrics to her popular hit "I Choose," Layton Greene stopped by our office to describe her love language.

It's important to hold yourself in the highest regard. At the end of the day, you're the one that needs to live by your own decisions so why not love yourself. Layton Greene is already there and in her single "I Choose," she explains that as a woman, there have been times she's stuck around for too long and misvalued herself only to learn that the situation was not right. 

Starting off the song, Greene suggests her man is off with another woman, reminding him of all she's done to keep their love alive throughout the relationship. Noting that she gets in her feelings before she feels like swinging on anybody, Layton has learned to realize that she's the queen of her own universe. Watch her break down the lyrics to "I Choose" above and revisit the song below.

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