Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace label is in more legal trouble. The label was recently hit with a lawsuit over the name of their group Playaz Circle, and now the label name itself is in hot water.

AllHipHop reports that suit was filed by a Dallas couple, Demitri Brown and Donna Evans-Brown, who claim the rapper is infringing on their trademark phrase "Disturb The Peace."

The couple filed the lawsuit on October 1st against Luda, his mother Roberta Shields, and Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment, in Dallas, Texas. According to the Browns, they have been using the phrase "Disturb The Peace" in commerce since 1988, in a similar field as Luda as it is audio/video and musical entertainment. They claim that in March of 2011, they discovered that the Southern rapper had illegally filed a trademark registration of the infringing name "Disturbing Tha Peace."

The couple's suit states that Ludacris fraudulently claimed that the Browns had neglected their "Disturb The Peace" trademark in order to obtain his "Disturbing Tha Peace" mark.

"Defendants have and continue to knowingly use the name, Disturbing Tha Peace in commerce with actual knowledge that it infringes on Plaintiff’s trademark Disturb The Peace," the complaint states.

 The Browns are seeking an injunction, as well as a cease-and-desist order barring the use of Disturbing Tha Peace in commerce in Texas.