President Donald Trump has picked fights with many sports figures during his political reign, particularly with NFL players who have participated in the kneeling protests during the National Anthem. However, the most bizarre of all his chosen adversaries might be outspoken NBA tabloid fixture LaVar Ball. Father to Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, the Big Baller one has built a reputation for being the loudest person in the room and often making his opinions heard by the masses solely based on that skill. That, of course, hasn't sat well with Trump, who enjoys operating in much the same vein.

However, in a new video report from TMZ, the Big Baller one is looking to send the President a pair of the signature BBB sneaker, the ZO2s. The reasoning? So LaVar can supposedly "calm down a little bit" after he feuded with Trump last week over his son LiAngelo's shoplifting mishap in China, while traveling with his UCLA men's basketball teammates. The Donald has gone on record as saying that he played an integral part in getting both LiAngelo and some of his other teammates out of a sticky situation with Chinese authorities and wanted to be thanked publicly by those specifics players and, by extension their families. Unsurprisingly, LaVar wasn't having any of it.

The Ball patriarch spoke at length about the issue in an interview on CNN last week, where he claimed that his son getting caught shoplifting in China wasn't that big of an issue, even though Trump insisted that it was. Furthermore, Ball stated that he only would have thanked the President if he had brought the players home on Air Force One. “There’s a lot of room on that plane,” proclaimed Ball. Yesterday, LaVar insisted that Trump will "ease up" when he slips on that new pair of ZO2s. Not sure that those new sneakers will help the Donald in the Oval Office on the golf course.

Even 2 Chainz wants to cop himself some BBB gear as a show of support for LaVar in his ongoing saga with Trump. Would you do the same? Let us know in the comments.