There is no denying that LaVar Ball is a great father in the sense that he has a never-ending belief that his sons will be great. LaVar's sons have been pretty successful as far as basketball goes. Lonzo is on the Los Angeles Lakers, while LaMelo has quite a bit of potential to make the NBA some day. LiAngelo hasn't been as successful as his brothers but he is an adequate basketball player nonetheless. 

In a recent interview for this month's Slam Magazine cover story, LaVar spoke about his sons and offered a bold prediction when it comes to the wealth they're going to acquire while playing in the NBA. 

"My boys are gonna be the first ones to be billionaires playing on the court. I got other stuff in line to get that," Ball explained. "Whatever my boys are playing for on the court, that’ll be chump change. You don’t have guys doing that. One guy gets a championship and next thing you know he wants his own team, bigger contracts."

Alius Koroliovas/Getty Images

LaVar is currently in the midst of relaunching the Big Baller Brand and as he explained, the Ball brothers will never have to play for money, because they'll already have enough from their business ventures.

"My boys will go 15, 20 years without breaking up. You don’t get that anymore," Ball said. "They’re not playing for the bag. It’s not, 'If you don’t give me $50 million, I’m gone.'"

Once again, LaVar is proving why he's one of the most entertaining father's in all of sports.