TMZ caught up with the infamous LaVar Ball, asking him to weigh in on the NFL's National Anthem policy. The outspoken patriarch of the Big Baller Brand sided with the NFL and league ownership, after listening to the field reporter's broad definition of the rule book. At first LaVar Ball's body language conveyed ambivalence, but only because his extroverted brain needed a good couple jolts. As a budding entrepreneur himself, LaVar pushed the onus on players to disinvest, seemingly looking past the the systemic issues at play. LaVar has every intention to make his mark in Sports Entertainment, the launch of his Junior Basketball Association is just the beginning. As for NFL players and their row with league officials, LaVar contends: "It's their league. If you don't want to do it, get out their league."

"That's why I got my own league," Ball told TMZ Sports ... "Do what I want." When asked if the youngster lining up in his JBA league will be forced to stand for the Anthem, LaVar reckoned that nothing was bound to change, "I got some youngsters, man. They going to do the anthem. They not going to be kneeling and doing all that." LaVar has spoken.