LaVar Ball isn't doing his son Lonzo any favors by calling out LeBron James' 14-year old song by name. Of course, the gregarious father of three is rarely speechless, and if given the opportunity to perform before a TMZ camera, he'll make sure to leave a quotable behind. And yet, the future of the JBA might be tenuous at best, but that hasn't stopped LaVar from railroading the competition. 

When asked if LeBron's son was ready to play in the JBA at the tender age of 14, LaVar simply stated he was "not good enough" to compete at that level. Strangely enough, LaVar went onto say that he felt Bronny Jr looked ready to compete at the NCAA level with twenty years olds, but the JBA is (in his mind), already a cut above first division basketball. 

LaVar looked the camera head-on and challenged LeBron's son to try out like everybody else lining up for JBA auditions. It so happens that Bronny Jr, already a star on Instragram where his highlight reels are passed around, already has offers from Duke and Kentucky pending his approval several years in advance. It's hard not to envision a situation where LeBron and LaVar bump heads over talk of this nature. For now, the weather is sailable at best.