Lavar Ball is out in NYC right now for Thursday night’s NBA draft, to see his oldest son, Lonzo, most likely get taken #2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. But before all that goes down & things are made official, ESPN caught up with Lavar while walking around the streets of NYC on Wednesday, and per usual he was his boisterous self.

Chopping it up with ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, Lavar explains that fate brought him & his boys to NYC this weekend for the draft, and he would go onto praise his sons games, before calling Lebron & Steph Curry old.

“After 5 years when everybody gone. You gon’ look at the Ball boys and be like ‘oh my God how he get all three of them in the league’. Lebron be on his way out, Steph Curry be on [his way out], they gettin’ old. Somebody gotta carry the NBA,” Lavar ranted before being noticed by bystanders on the street.

Watch Lavar be Lavar in this comical clip (below).