Being interviewed at the Junior Basketball Ass'n tourney in L.A., Lavar Ball answered the big questions. For one, is Donald Trump a racist? Ball didn't even need to think it over: "Yes, he racist! Everybody know that! It's not a secret." He expanded, giving his very own definition of what a racist is: "if you messin with everybody that's not your kind" but "whoever's your kind you not messin with." Simple enough. Of anybody who acts that way, like Trump, Ball says: "I call you racist if you like that."

The question of racism sprung out of a discussion of Trump's recent Tweet, where he called LeBron James "dumb." The tweet was in response to a an interview being conducted after LeBron James opened a school in Ohio. In the interview, LeBron talked about how the president is trying to divide America through sports, something that brings people of disparate races and backgrounds together, per LeBron. 

Lavar Ball, though, doesn't care about politics. What he wants is for LeBron to "come here and win for LA." He also believes that "nobody's worried about his political stance right now."

Watch the video below: