LaVar Ball's sons Lonzo and LaMelo have taken to the court in Nikes ever since the Big Baller Brand imploded, but the Ball Father remains adamant that his boys won't be signing with The Swoosh.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with LaVar at the L.A. Regional Food Bank, where he was donating 70,000 bottles of Big Baller Brand Water, and they asked him to discuss the possibility of Lonzo and LaMelo officially joining Team Nike. Of course, he was staunchly against the idea.

"I said it's a family brand, didn't I?," says LaVar.

"Lonzo can think all day. He ain't signing with nobody. Big Baller Brand. That's what I said."

LaMelo, who is currently playing for the NBL's Illawarra Hawks, has recently laced up the Nike KD4 and KD12, while Lonzo has stuck with the Nike Kobe 4 during New Orleans' pre-season games.

During a recent appearance on Josh Hart's "Light Hearted" podcast, Lonzo revealed just how tough it was to play in the BBB ZO2 sneakers during his first few games as a rookie. In fact, the Pelicans point guard says he couldn't wear the kicks for more than a quarter at a time because they kept ripping. Needless to say, it had a negative impact on his play during those summer league games.

"Them ZO2s I was playing in, they was not ready," Lonzo explains. "If you literally had my shoes from those games, they just like exploded, bro."

"I had to debut 'em, we had already gassed it, we went so far with it. Like, I could get a quarter in but that's it, we had to switch 'em every quarter. And it's crazy because as soon as I switched my shoes, it's like magically I got good again."