As you likely heard, Lonzo Ball was packaged alongside Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and multiple picks for perennial All-Star Anthony Davis. In the most awkward sequence of the past 24 hours, Lonzo's father LaVar learns of his son's fate by way of a PA announcement during a Drew League contest he was attending. The following clip captures, not only the announcement but also the subsequent phone inquiry that LaVar Ball would place while the contest was still underway. Evidently, he was informed of the trade like the rest of us.

Shortly thereafter, LaVar found himself in front of the camera crew, willing to parlay his thoughts on the trade. Let's just say he's STILL got a bone to pick with the Lakers' brass over his son's career-to-date.

“I guarantee…like I’ll say it again: it’ll be the worst move they ever did in their life and they’ll never win another championship. Guarantee it," LaVar tells the camera, with respect to the Lakers' title prospects without Lonzo.

"They’re gonna regret it. I'ma have fun with it," he added, before signaling a "cold day in hell" to all dissenters of the Big Baller Brand. Los Angeles, you just lost a REAL one.