Things haven't been too great for Lauryn Hill over the past few days. After a upsetting performance in Toronto as part of her The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill 20th anniversary tour, she cancelled several dates while postponing others "due to unforeseen production issues." However, things don't end there. Now, she's reportedly suing a family member who she loaned $65K to and never got back.

Lauryn Hill filed a lawsuit against her relative Gerald Hill last month after he allegedly never paid back a $65K loan, Bossip reports. According to court documents, Lauryn claims that she was conned out of giving Gerald the money and later on, he made it clear that he had no intention of paying her back. 

Lauryn's lawsuit against Hill is for breach of contract. She said that she agreed to loaning the family member the money last year with the condition that he wouldn't have to pay interest on the loan if he cleared his debt within three months. After the three months, Gerald Hill would have to pay 10% interest, she stated in the court documents. She said that Gerald approved of their deal and signed the contract that listed the terms and conditions of the loan.

She also stated that despite demanding for the loan repayment, Gerald Hill hasn't coughed up a cent. In terms of their contract, Lauryn Hill said that if Gerald defaulted, she could make him pay the amount in its entirety, in addition to lawyer fees and other costs if it goes to court. The money she loaned was possibly to help Gerald take his New Jersey home out of foreclosure but that's yet to be confirmed.

Lauryn Hill wants the sum of the debt back in addition to interest and money damages for her losses.