It has now been almost three months since we lost the amazing soul that was Nipsey Hussle. As such, his family, friends, and fans continue to uplift his memory, ensuring that his name and legacy is continuously tied to positive things. Most recently, LA-native YG dropped his album 4REAL 4REAL in the loving memory of his late homie. Shortly afterward, he called out the "fake" love some folks were showing with regards to Nipsey's passing. And although he may be right, for Nipsey's close friends and family, Hussle's death remains very real. Precisely, to the woman who stood by his side and lost the love of her life, the loss is very real. 

We have previously posted about the few instances in which Lauren London dedicated a loving post to Nipsey. Moreover, Nipsey's appearance in the video "Higher" contained lyrics which proclaimed their love in the bar "Los Angeles love kinda like Hussle and Boog." The quote served as a caption to one of London's post. And most recently, the actress shared another photo of Nipsey as the sun shined brightly behind him and captioned the following: "Never could I ever Forget. I miss you so much." Let's ensure to keep Lauren London in our prayers.

RIP Nipsey Hussle.