Lauren London was recently the focus of Complex's Sneaker Shopping series, and the actress revealed that a sequel to the cult classic film "ATL" is indeed in the works. The 2006 film also starred T.I. in his acting debut, as well as performances from Big Boi, Evan Ross, Jackie Long, and more. There are also a few notable cameos from Atlanta rappers, including Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, Jazze Pha, and Monica. Suffice it to say, hip-hop fans have taken a liking to the film, and London's performance as "New New" helped elevate her into the spotlight. And while a sequel has been teased for years now, Lauren recently confirmed that the parts are still moving, and "ATL 2" is currently in the works.

While she doesn't exactly seem too involved in the behind-the-scenes, she reveals a little bit about the process, stating "I know that they are working on it, and I know that this is something that they are trying to push forward. I don't know too much - that would be a great T.I. question, but what I do know is as much as the fans want it, we want it too."

Ultimately, it's not much, but at least we can confirm that the parts are indeed moving. "ATL 2" has been in talks for years now, with announcements initially being teased in 2015. The good news is that the team remains passionate about delivering a sequel, and hopefully their dedication can translate to some tangible results. For more from the ever-endearing Lauren, check out the video below.