Laura Ingraham has gotten herself in trouble numerous times while hosting her show on Fox. Of course, many remember a few years ago when she told basketball players like LeBron James to "shut up and dribble." There was definitely something racially tinged about these comments and people still haven't allowed her to forget them. Essentially, it was quite clear that she didn't like black athletes standing up for causes they believed in.

Recently, Ingraham weighed in on Drew Brees' comments about the National Anthem and the military. As you can imagine, since Brees shared her conservative position, she praised Brees for speaking up and having an opinion. Had Brees been black and on the opposite end of the political spectrum, we're sure she would have changed her tune, as illustrated by the video below.

Clearly, Ingraham has a very hypocritical stance when it comes to athletes speaking up and entering the political arena. When LeBron James does it, he receives criticism but when it's Drew Brees, it's met with praise. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a brain surgeon to figure out what is truly going on here.

At this point, her take isn't all that surprising even if it is disappointing.