After dropping a simultaneously heartwarming and ominous prologue clip a couple weeks ago, 20th Century Fox has laced us with the second full-length trailer from the upcoming sequel to Prometheus. The trailer shows off a bunch of new footage, from the planet the team of couples is looking to colonize and a brand new alien that will rip them all to shreds.

The cast is truly an ensemble, with a mix of new actors and Michael Fassbender semi-rehashing his role as the team’s resident android. It’s a bit confusing, but he’s the same actor playing a different version of the dickish android David from Prometheus. Surprisingly, it looks like Danny McBride’s character actually makes it pretty far in the movie before being killed off. We can’t say the same thing for James Franco though.

The new alien Neomorph looks pretty terrifying, moving with much more fluidity and speed than previous Xenomorphs (who were already pretty fast). The carnage starts on May 19.