Out of all the crazy things to occur this year, the most shocking was the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas in October. It became the most deadliest mass shooting in history, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds of others. To this day, the reason as to why the man did it is still unknown. In lieu of this incident, Las Vegas is taking extra measures to make sure their grounds are as secured as possible for the New Year's Eve celebration this upcoming weekend.

Las Vegas will be doubling up the presence of the National Guard this year for their NYE celebration, CNN reports. In addition, they'll have more than 1500 police officers all across Vegas in the three days leading to NYE and the three days after. They'll also have 300 troops surrounding the Strip and the airport as well. 

Las Vegas will also have snipers looking out for the Strip from above. They'll be doubling the amount of quick-response teams in the case of any sort of emergency on the grounds. 

In addition to the amount of troops and officers on the ground, local authorities and federal officials will team up to gather intelligence from several online sources in the case of any emergency.

There's yet to be a year with this much security at a New Year's Eve Las Vegas festivity in the past. Clark County Sherriff, Joseph Lombardo, said the Homeland Security Department made New Year's in Las Vegas the highest security level for their special-events protocols which is largely due to the amount of people in attendance and the economic impact. He also said the increased amount of security is not because there are any known threats but mainly as a precautionary effort.