Basketball icon Scottie Pippen has been back in headlines after the first two episodes of The Last Dance aired on ESPN. The Chicago Bulls documentary highlights the team's reigning years and the eventual departure of Michael Jordan. Scottie's name has grabbed attention over his contract with the Bulls at the time, causing his ex-wife Larsa Pippen to come to his aid. However, fans were quick to jump on Larsa about her ex-husband, once again addressing rumors that her marriage ended due to her alleged extramarital affair with rapper Future.

Larsa Pippen Future
Ari Perilstein / Stringer / Getty Images

Scottie and Larsa Pippen divorced back in 2018 after 21 years of marriage amid rumors that Larsa and Future were carrying on a sexual affair—gossip that went back as far as 2016. No one has confirmed the word on the street but in a post-and-delete move, Larsa reportedly said cheating did not play a factor in the breakup of her marriage.

“I was married to him for 20 years, I did everything for him and my family. People change and that’s what really happened,” Larsa tweeted, according to TMZ Sports. She reportedly added, “Most people can’t even imagine being in a relationship for a week so I know it’s beyond imagination... Cheating wasn’t the problem.”