There's been nothing to hide about her controversial relationship with 24-year-old basketball star Malik Beasley, according to Larsa Pippen, but the 46-year-old has been taking verbal hits from the public. Months ago, rumors surfaced about the two after a photo appeared online showing them out and about together. Soon, Beasley's wife, Montana Yao, took to social media with claims that she wasn't aware that her husband had moved on. Yet, reports stated that Bealey and Yao had been separated for some time before he pursued a relationship with Larsa Pippen. In DEcember, Yao reportedly filed for divorce.

Larsa Pippen, Malik Beasley, Montana Yao, Hollywood Unlocked
Sergi Alexander / Stringer / Getty Images

Still, Larsa was accused of being a homewrecker, and because she's technically still married to NBA legend Scottie Pippen, the public showed no mercy. However, Larsa recently sat down with Hollywood Unlocked to clarify the dating scandal and to say that she was well aware that the Minnesota Timberwolves baller was married yet separated from his wife.

"We had spoken about it. It wasn’t a secret. I know a lot of people that are married and exiting,” said Larsa. “I’ve played that part. So for me, if you’re not being shady and you’re telling me all your stuff, I’m going to believe you... A lot of people are not happy in their situations and they don't want to jump ship until they see someone they like. You don't want to just shake your kids up because you might never meet someone that you actually like. You're in a state of living in the same place, but not really together."

"I Googled them when I first met him — they weren't together," she stated. "They had issues before. It had nothing to do with me, so I wasn't thinking anything about it. If you spent a minute Googling their situation, it wasn't the ideal situation way before me."

Check out Larsa Pippen's full interview below.