Larry June Enters The "Who Run It" Freestyle Challenge

Larry June -  Who Run It (Freestyle)

  April 21, 2018 13:37
Who Run It (Freestyle)
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This one is very much off-the-dome.

"REAL FREESTYLE NO PIN [sic] NO PAD," writes Larry June along with his entry into the "Who Run It" challenge. In case you haven't been paying attention, G Herbo set off the craze when he was tasked to freestyle over the classic Three 6 Mafia instrumental, and now everyone from Trippie Redd to Juicy J himself has done a version of their own. For the most part, it's the younger generation of rapper's that are participating, and for the most part, they're proving that they can rap like their older critics thought they couldn't. In the case of Larry June's freestyle, which as we mentioned earlier, is an authentic freestyle, it's all about energy and funny punchlines, two things the rapper is pretty great at. At one point he acknowledges proudly that he's rapping off beat before jumping right back into the pocket and proving he can do it all. In closing, he has only one thing to say: "Good job, Larry!"

Quotable Lyrics:
Brand new 6 too, but it's old school
You n***as only havin' moneyon Pro Tools
I used to like lil hoe, she was so cool
I'm rappin' off beat, fuck the rap game

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