NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird has reportedly reached a compromise with Jules Muck, the graffiti artist responsible for the heavily-tattooed Larry Bird mural situated on a Fountain Square building in Indianapolis.

The mural, shown below, features Bird in his Indiana State uniform with tattoos all over his arms, neck and face, including a pair of bunnies mating on his right forearm and a Celtics shamrock on his left bicep.

Bird's attorney, Gary Sallee explained to the Indy Star that he hasn't asked the mural to be removed - he just wants the tats erased. 

"Larry's position is he has elevated himself from where he began to where he is now through a lot of hard work. He has developed a brand that is marketable and he needs to protect that brand," Sallee told IndyStar. "The mural, as originally painted, was a departure from that brand."

"All of his friends and 98% of his players are tattooed. He doesn't have any problem with tattoos," Sallee said. "He just doesn’t want to be seen as a tattooed guy." 

Muck has reportedly agreed to remove the tats, but will be keeping the "INDIANA" ink on the left forearm.