Earlier in the afternoon, The Game posted an audio clip in which two men believed to be LAPD officers ranted about Nipsey Hussle's parents while overseeing his vigil yesterday. While details concerning the clip remain sparse, the LAPD is taking the accusations The Game has made regarding their department very seriously. They've also gone to certain lengths to distance themselves from the recording or the individuals involved in the unceremonious conversation.

D Dipasupil/Getty Images

In speaking with TMZ, who reached out to them in the first place, an official representing the LAPD at large provided some proof to back the distance they've taken. Apparently, the LAPD uses digital frequencies to broadcast from one location to other, within a certain radius. According to the official who spoke with TMZ, the recording The Game posted is not a "digital frequency."

On a side note, the official also commented that LAPD signal strength is so well-protected that a mere Yak Pak of sorts wouldn't suffice in intercepting their broadcast channels. In fairness, The Game does leave his condemnation open to further interpretation by using the words "if these are in fact #LAPD officers" as a lead-in sentence at the bottom of the text. He then asks for the badges on implied condition they were, in fact, officers of the law.