The LAPD has confirmed an active criminal rape investigation against New York Knicks point guard, Derrick Rose. He will be facing a $21.5 million civil lawsuit when the trial begins on October 4th, meaning he could miss a handful of pre-season games if he doesn't settle the suit.

The anonymous 30-year old accuser said she didn't wish to pursue criminal charges against Rose because she thought it would mean she needed to reveal her identity, and she wants to keep this a secret from her family.

However, a judge recently ruled that her identity will be revealed once the trial begins.

According to the New York Daily News, the accuser said this in regards to the upcoming civil case:

"I'm not familiar with the law."

"I didn't know the difference between civil and criminal and all the different concepts and language of the law. But I knew that if I came forward to the police, my identity would be revealed and I would have no control of the case and what was required of me."

Jane Doe originally filed suit against Rose and two other men, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, back in 2015, in which she alleges the three men gang raped her while she was incapacitated during a night of heavy drinking in 2013. Rose has vehemently denied these claims since the jump, saying that everything was consensual and that the woman is not the "prude" she is alleging to be.

Both sides of the story are vastly different, a "he said" vs. "she said," and at this point it appears as though Rose is ready to go to trial and prove his innocence. 

Phil Jackson says D-Rose isn't overly concerned with the allegations. 

"He's aware of it, but it's not keeping him up at night," Jackson said.