A bloody pig head on a spike was found by Los Angeles Police officers outside of the department’s Rampart Station, a division notorious for its late-90s corruption and police brutality scandals. It is currently unclear who placed the head at the station or if it was intended as a threat. 

The Pig’s head discovery comes amidst large-scale global protests against police brutality and George Floyd’s death. While Derek Chauvin and the other Minneapolis officers involved have been fired and charged, protesters are demanding further reforms to law enforcement practices and the American criminal justice system, as Floyd’s family is seeing a surge of financial support and lawmakers are proposing new legislation aimed at eliminating police brutality. 

Given the high tensions surrounding recent protests and numerous documentedincidents of police violence, the LAPD is reportedly approaching the situation extra cautiously, currently reviewing surveillance footage in an attempt to identify the perpetrator. In the meantime, TMZ reports that LAPD officers, under the direction of Chief Michel Moore who recently blamed George Floyd’s death on looters leading to calls for his resignation, have now been advised to maintain a low profile while off duty, in order to avoid further confrontations with the public.