The U.S. National Soccer Team is still reeling from a disappointing campaign which saw them fall short of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, taking place right now. The fateful loss to Trinidad & Tobago, a fixture they should have won, serves as a lesson to never look down upon the opposition. In their absence, arose a sentiment pushed by a few members of soccer establishment hoping to support neighbouring nation Mexico in their World Cup run. A campaign spearheaded by U.S. Soccer legend Landon Donovan has done just that, as you can see just below. 

The issue is, beyond being a friendly neighbour, and a worthy political and diplomatic cause, the Mexican National Team has always been the U.S.'s most bitter rival in International Soccer, at times even standing in the way of qualification for big tournaments. Several U.S. players, past and present have taken offence to Landon Donovan going public with his support given the given the circumstances, the memory of many blood duels still fresh on their minds.

Some ex-teammates revert to subtweets instead of directly inciting a face to face debate:

Landon Donovan never the less defended his decision to support Mexico in 2018 and implored his ex-teammates and current team members to "open their minds."

Mexico is currently facing reigning World Cup champions Germany in their opening fixture. Check it out.