This should be interesting.

After landing a 4-year contract with LeBron James, the Los Angeles squad has now nabbed Lance Stephenson—the same man who was fined $5,000 for the flop of the century at LeBron’s expense. The same man who blew in LeBron’s ear as an interesting choice in defense. The same man who touched Lebron’s mouth for no apparent reason at all during an active game.

The storied rivalry between the two men, which reached its pinnacle during LeBron’s time with the Heat, is one of the more hilarious ones of our time—mainly because it’s such a one-sided beef on the court.

According to past sentiments displayed by LeBron, he’ll have no problem flipping the storyline with his new teammate. Back in February 2017, Stephenson participated in a group workout with the Cavs and James notably remarked that he had no ill will towards anyone when it comes to winning. "I just want to win, man," James said back then. "That's all that matters to me. I got no personal problems with nobody."

Sources say that Stephenson will sign on with the Lakers in a one-year deal for $4.5 million after turning down a $4.3 one-year deal with the Pacers for the upcoming season. Additionally, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will re-sign with the Lakers organization in a one-year deal that totals out to $12.5 million. Veteran center (and “Shaqtin’ A Fool” All-Star) JaVale McGee will also be heading to Los Angeles to join the squad.