Lana Del Rey says he wants to land a collaboration with the Migos out of all of her favorite artists. Lana spoke about what it would be like to work with them during an interview on the red carpet at Variety’s Hitmakers Brunch award ceremony, over the weekend.

“I love them. Everything they do,” she said. “There was kind of like a new revolution of sound 11 years ago in the singer-songwriter community, which I loved seeing. And then with Migos, I think they kicked off a new super fun, super autobiographical, completely different style of rap. I love them.”

Lana Del Rey, Migos
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Working with the Migos wouldn't be the first time Lana has crossed over into hip hop. She's previously collaborated with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti.

At the ceremony, Lana was awarded Artist Of The Decade for her contributions to music over the last ten years.

“Thank you, Variety,” she said. “I’m really always grateful for any acknowledgment and also super grateful for all the criticism… I get a lot.” She also said that the biggest challenge for her over the last decade was “turning criticism into something that you can reflect upon … There’s a lot of opinions. I’m very sensitive.”

Lana released her eighth album, Blue Banisters, back in October.