LaMelo Ball is in the midst of meeting with teams and trying to impress them ahead of the NBA Draft in November. Some feel as though LaMelo will be a top-five pick while others think he could actually go number one to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Regardless of where he ends up going, there will be plenty of hype behind him, especially when you consider who his father is.

In fact, LaVar Ball has been trying to influence where LaMelo goes as he has consistently vouched for the Knicks while saying teams like the Warriors wouldn't be a good fit. As LaMelo explained today, he disagrees with his father when it comes to the Warriors and that he would be more than happy to play for any franchise.

"My old man, he's his own man. He has his opinions, I have mine. Like I said, I feel like I can play on any team. Anywhere's a great fit," LaMelo said.

There are some big names in this upcoming draft although, in terms of name recognition, it's clear that LaMelo is ahead of the rest. Whether or not he is actually going to live up to that hype, remains to be seen.