Since they've revealed their romance with the world, Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr have been unashamedly sharing details of their relationship. Whether they're giving insight into Lamar's recovery from sex addiction or laying salacious rumors to rest, these two have no problem coming forward to speak about their life together. Sabrina has returned with a message, writing on her Instagram Story that all she has comes from her bank account, making it clear that Lamar isn't her ATM.

"Here's a little fact about me," Sabrina began. "I will continue to live within MY means until I am married! Wherever I live or whatever I drive, I spend my own money on it and I make sure it's something I can afford comfortably on my own and my name is included! Lamar and I are not married yet nor do we have children together. There are no guarantees in relationships and I never want to be in a position again where something happens and Im stuck financially."

Sabrina added that even if Lamar decided to walk away from their relationship right now, it may be heartbreaking but she won't take a financial hit. "Once we get married, he can spend away and imma put my coins up lol!" She advised women to follow in her footsteps and take care of themselves without relying on their partner's help. Read through her message below.