Following his victory in the ring last month, Lamar Odom is making a return. Celebrity boxing matches are all the rage at the moment as everyone from rappers to social media influencers to former NBA stars is showing off the best bob and weaves in the ring. Back in June, Lamar Odom faced off with Aaron Carter in a match that became a trending topic as the public trolled both stars for their moves. Carter seemed to spend most of his time running from Odom, helping the Los Angeles Lakers icon take the win.

Weeks ago, there were rumors that Odom had his heart set on another fight, and on Thursday (July 29), Odom's opponent has been announced. This time, he isn't going up against a child star but a champion boxer.

Riddick Bowe, Lamar ODom
Holly Stein / Staff / Getty Images

International Boxing Hall of Fame member Riddick Bowe is set to face off against Odom on October 2 in downtown Miami at the James L. Knight Center. ESPN spoke with promoter Damon Feldman who offered insight as to how this matchup came to be.

"He's been asking me to do this for a long time," Feldman said. "We just didn't know when and will it be safe." The fight will consist of three two-minute rounds and will wear 23-ounce gloves, however, a decision regarding headgear has yet to be made. This should be a bout for the books, but considering Odom and Bowe's vast differences in experience, sports fans aren't expecting the fight to get too crazy.

Check out Odom and Carter's fight below.